TOPSYS: Software & tools 4 Windows.

Topsys, software and tools for Windows.

Software and tools:

Topsys is a software house that specializes in user friendly software for special needs.

Our software:
- have a 30 day trial period, without any limitations on any functionality.
- can be run in multiple languages, you can even add your own language.
- are accompanied by indexed and searchable help videos

Topsys: your partner in software and tools.

Currently we have the following applications:

- Folder Hider: Our most secure software, to hide a folder on a Windows computer.
- Map Hider: Our standard software, to hide a folder on a Windows computer. It is less secure and it has less users
- Directory Hider: Our free software, to hide a folder on a Windows computer. This version of course has some limitations.
- Shortcut Password Protection: With this program you can protect your shortcut with a password. It also locks the file that the shortcut will run, so it is really safe. And if you dislike UAC warnings than this program is definately worth looking into.

In the near future the following applications will become available:
- Cloaked folder: .Net programmers will be able to use this and hide a folder that contains things like installation date etc.
- Hacker Attack Defence: Servers are often targeted by hackers to see if they can get access. With Hacker Attack Defence, you can arm yourself against this, because you can simply say that if a person tries to make a connection, but fails a number of times that that IP-address gets blacklisted in your server.
- File Hider: File Hider uses virus like techniques to attach one or more documents to a phony document. The phony document contains nothing special, but all other documents are invisibly encrypted and attached to this document.
- Translator Assistent: This is for other programmers so that they can use our technique to supply multiple languages to their customers.
- Network start: Sometimes a Windows computer cannot remember the mapped network drives that were created. Using Network start, this problem is corrected.
- ROBOT: Ever felt like your computer should be able to do some repetetive task for you. Move your mouse to a certain location, click a mouse button and each time enter the same keys. With ROBOT, the computer will do this for you.